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At St Comgall's, our staff have long recognised the increasingly complex and challenging times out children are growing up in and we witness first-hand the stresses, pressures and anxieties our children cope with in these digital and fast-moving times. Our partnership with Family Works Counselling and the NSPCC Keeping Safe Programme has highlighted many issues which unfortunately are all too common in today's society.

This preventative approach to educating our children is further enhanced through the Women's Aid Helping Hands programme in KS2, as well as Google Be Internet Legends.

We are particularly proud of our involvement in the Roots of Empathy scheme with our tiny teacher Cormac and his mum, Eleanor. 

As part of our PDMU curriculum we are required to teach children about how to keep themselves safe. These programmes teach children about how to stay safe from all forms of abuse as well as e-safety and bullying. As part of our continued School Development focus (2018-21) promoting Pupil Health & Wellbeing, Resilience & Gratitude, we were delighted to partner and take part in the inaugural Bangor Cares Wellbeing Week (23-29th September 2019) as well as offer Joint Parent Workshops with our Shared Education Partners, Grange Park Primary School.
Meet our 'Tiny Teacher' Cormac!
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